Start NPC Dulari - Timeless Woods

Island of Dawn

Type Zone Quest
Level 4

800 Exp80Copper

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Essence and Sensibility

Dulari (Timeless Woods)
I think you're just about done here. While you were out soldiering, one of our couriers came by looking for you.

Think about what you've learned. consider your actions as part of the greater whole, and try not to get yourself killed. There's been...too much of that around here already.

Ramun should be here with your orders in just two shakes of his tail, I think.


  1. Speak to Dulari to acquire the quest.
  2. Speak to Ramun , who has run up to the camp.
  3. Speak to Neziir at the Northern Overwatch.
  4. Collect 5 Serum Samples from Sickly Noruk.
  5. Speak to Ashak to complete the quest.