Start NPC Lam - Timeless Woods
Type Story Quest
Level 1

600 ExpTier 0 Common Chestpiece

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Dawn's Early Light

Lam (Timeless Woods)
You and Axelle survived that stormy beach. You know who else did? Kishale, just on the other side of the bridge.

Kishale and Axelle avoid each other, and they avoid talking about what happened. But if you get either of them talking about Elleon, they briefly forget to feel sorry for themselves.

Ask Kishale about Elleon, and you'll see what I mean. Besides, it'd do her good to see a new face. She's gotta be tired of looking at me and Barsabba all the time.


  1. Speak to Lam to acquire the quest.
  2. Speak to Kishale at the Northern Checkpoint.
  3. Speak to Dulari at Dulari's Camp.
  4. Speak to Neziir at the Northern Overwatch.
  5. Speak to Adria at the Tower Base.

Quest ChainEdit

  1. Dawn's Early Light
  2. Making the Rounds
  3. The Secret Life of Trees
  4. Elleon's Fate
  5. Traces of Darkness
  6. Essence of Foreboding
  7. Live by the Sword
  8. Acharak Attacks
  9. A Clue in the Dark