TERA contains 7 playable races.

Amanis Edit

Barakas Edit

Amani icon tall

The ancient amani were proud and strong, but a trick of fate deprived them of their god's protection and they were enslaved. After winning freedom, the amani vowed "Never Again!" If you like sharp teeth, horns, and fighting for honor, this is the race for you.

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A peaceful and noble race, barakas are ferocious in defense of the weak. Their imposing presence conceals their true strength; baraka are giants in intellect as well as physicality.

Castanics Edit

Elins Edit

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Bold, brash, and independent, the castanics are willing to work together for the common good, but only so far as the common good doesn't take too long or come at too high a price.

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Elins are the divine "children" of the goddess Elinu, but do not mistake their waif-like appearance for innocence. Elin generals are among the world's most fearsome.

High Elves Edit

Humans Edit

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Fewer than 100 years ago, the "Children of Karas " were actively at war with most of the world. However, their commitment to cooperation is a logical and necessary part of their culture, and they were among the first forces to stand against the Argon invasion.

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Humans are optimistic, curious about the world, and highly valued as diplomats and leaders. Humans naturally build communities, a trait that helped keep their culture strong during 2000 years of forced exile.

Popori Edit

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The popori kingdom is comprised of animals imbued with a spark of divine energy. When "awakened," they cease to be rabbits, cats, and dogs, becoming instead fearsome defenders of the natural order. Armies of poporis feature heavily in many ancient battles, and no other race can raise an effective fighting force as fast.